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Who is Malintha Peiris

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What is me ?

Guy who has balanced brain for art and science left and for writing and right for gun, sound seem doggy. Yes, that statement is true about myself from every perspective. As well as physics of hands brain functions its own way. Like I smooth writing and drawing using left, right will bite rough. In mechanical handling from right hand. My brain functions weirdly than average human it’s processing channels run between front to back as well side to side across left and right hemispheres more balanced. That will allow me greater intuitive senses. Also, as my believe that data process and tally with opposite function called front to back. No matter additional process takes extra time according to modern world, but I believe human brain is not alone so that is unlimited boost capabilities up to your effort like Buddhist techniques. Power of color, I not love colors but not hate colors, I use them on purpose I love to see colors at end of a design process, sometimes it is never ending, you may wonder my portfolio website used monochromic flush over 80%, yes, I do as previously mention and plus my brain can see only black and white, so design process always starts up with colors that brain can see. Testing with many ordinary brain gender tastings as results shows gender neutral brain functions.

Why Me ?

Ultimately, we are looking for visual communication from an any design, every design must have clear taste for the audience no matter theoretical knowledge, with every design job I will deliver over 80% guaranteed visually appealing designs.

Beyond the traditional I will combinate ideas without framing.

Over 93% I will deliver on time clean output, well scheduled designing, I will only accept on schedule availability.

Classic and modern, I would like to discover new design trends and ageless concepts.

I’m design theories and principles lover, but like to introduce my own design principles to the industry for uplift beyond the tradition and brand style guideline dreamer, every new project with fresh project research.

I don’t have bloom outputs, every design made with sequence of stages.


Visually Appealing design


Unique Creative Designs


Effective and fast


Classic and Modern Designs


Theoretical and Project Research


Design Flow


What I Will Do

Click on the images below:

Visual identity graphic design.

How Visual identity solutions perfect your projects.

Visual identity is a collection of visual elements that serve to represent and differentiate a brand and how communicates its personality, tone and essence, as well as memories, emotions and experiences. The main components of visual identity are logo, color, typography, and images.

Visual identity graphic design

Marketing & advertising graphic designs.

How Marketing & advertising graphic designs perfect your projects.

Unique visual appeal examples.

That is clean,Take an advantage of contrast,Limited type faces and play with different sizes, Adhere to brand guidelines, psychology of color, etc.

Marketing & advertising materials and marketing efforts that I create for tap into your target audience's decision-making process by uniquely visual appealing way. All about communicating and promoting a brand's products or services.

Unique visual appeal Marketing & advertising materials

Publication/Printing graphic design

Publication/Printing graphic design by malintha

Branding Solutions

Branding Solutions by malintha
What line art designed by Malintha Peiris

I Will design simplified line arts. You are don't need a title. you can read visuals

Elon Musk Send to the moon

Those are my meme designs, Elon Musk Poster design with Kim Jong un T-Shirt mockup and one of Elon and doge, Finaly Ship stuckers design for evergreen

Line art designs by Malintha

Designs that speak power of lines and shapes

Anti smoking Floating Killer modern digital image Manipilution Design by Malintha Peiris

Very complex Anti-smoking Image Manipulation Design by Malintha Peiris called "Floating Killer" turning modern simplified designs back to 19th 20th century. I believe with this design smoking is circular negative impact to the society.

Lion Polyarts By Malintha Peiris

This Poly art designed using Over 99% Trangles and one rectangle, even for rounded shapes such as eyes complicated hard planning poly art without overlapping lines, also this followed contrast of color psychology for different sections attraction, hierarchy, color separation by Malintha Peiris

Typography based design of Freddie Mercury

Typography based portrait design of Freddie Mercury done by Malintha Peiris as fan art.

Sihini teledrama poster design

Local teledrama/ TV series Sihini teledrama fan art cover poster design by Malintha Peiris for a class assignment

by Malintha Peiris


Visual Storytelling Design by Malintha Peiris Evolution of Typography summarized 83 pages of knowledge into single page. In this evolution of typography poster contains Pictograph era to modern typography.

covid-19 pandemic moodboards

Corona covid pandemic moodboards design by Malintha Peiris

Malintha peiris photography

In there, My photography skills will display soon

Malintha Peiris actor

Malintha Peiris actor

Malintha Peiris actor

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